Mission Statement - Motorsports marketing, hospitality suites

The goals of the Elliott Marketing Group (George Elliott & Toni Elliott), are to help companies form lasting partnerships between business and customers. We do this by utilizing experience and resource management to formulate, activate and differentiate positive business visions that build excitement and goodwill. We have experience in all forms of motorsports marketing. This includes NASCAR marketing, hydroplane racing, Formula One Drag Racing and IRL (Indy Racing League). Whether it’s at the track, in print or on television, you can count on our racing background to get the job done with a professional and positive outcome.


Getting a job done effectively can only be accomplished with the right vision and plan. Seeking the vision and preparing the plan can differentiate your success and brand awareness from others. That perspective comes from a company’s internal talent mixed with outside Consultant talent and experience. What you gain with a consultant is a perspective removed from the political pressure of being a yes man to protect his job and broad perspectives learned. Consultants can be a key help when brainstorming. Brainstorming is vital to the growth of your company. When you hire consultants for projects, you save money. Payroll taxes, insurance and other benefit expenses are eliminated.

Making the plan is a fun process. Are you ready to get started? Make the Elliott Marketing Group your first step in the plan.

George Elliott

CPAP reduces nightmare frequency female sildenafil tablets.

CPAP reduces nightmare frequency, motivates treatment compliance in sufferers with OSA and PTSD A new study shows that CPAP therapy reduces nightmares in veterans with post-traumatic tension disorder and obstructive rest apnea . Results present that the mean amount of nightmares weekly fell considerably with CPAP make use of, and reduced nightmare frequency after starting CPAP was greatest predicted by CPAP compliance. ‘Patients with PTSD get more motivated to use CPAP once they get restful rest without frequent nightmares, and their compliance enhances’ stated principal investigator Sadeka Tamanna, MD, MPH, medical director of the Sleep Disorders Laboratory at G female sildenafil tablets .V. Continue reading

The state publication of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Caring.com presents a number of resources to help understand Medicare Part D, including helpful information on how to choose the best Medicare Part D program. Additionally, a fresh partnership with DestinationRx offers made it much easier for Caring.com users to find and enroll in a Medicare plan for their loved ones. This resource can be available by contacting toll free of charge 754-8955. The decision center is open 8 am to 8 pm EST seven days a week.. Continue reading

Regardless of the majority knowing that over-exposure to sunlight could cause skin cancer.

That is despite high-profile warnings a suntan is an indicator of UV skin damage. Children’s skin is much more sensitive than adults’ and study demonstrates sunburn in childhood can double the risk to getting skin cancer later in lifestyle. Dr Catherine Harwood, consultant dermatologist for Cancer Analysis UK comments, ‘As kids have a lot more opportunity to play and take part in sports and other outdoor actions, they spend far more time in the sun than adults. Babies’ and toddlers’ epidermis is specially susceptible as their skin is certainly thinner and produces much less protective pigment. ‘We get around 80 percent of our exposure to the sun before the age of 21. So that it is essential that parents are aware of the dangers and understand how to protect their children correctly. Continue reading

Cognitive factors associated with activity.

This is the first MS study of cognition and steps of activity and participation. The authors are Yael Goverover, PhD, of NY University and visiting professor at Kessler Basis, and Lauren Strober, PhD, Nancy Chiaravalloti, PhD, and John DeLuca, PhD, of Kessler Foundation. MS, the leading reason behind disability in functioning age adults, includes a substantial negative impact on quality of life. The employment price declines from 90 percent to 20 percent to 30 percent within five years of medical diagnosis, and only 35 percent of individuals with documented MS record normal social and lifestyle activities. Continue reading

CMC Biologics completes fresh.

CMC Biologics completes fresh, disposable manufacturing unit at Seattle CMC Biologics, a Contract Manufacturing Organization with production sites in European countries and the USA, today announced the completion of a new state-of-the-art disposable manufacturing facility at its Seattle, WA site apcalis-sx.net/generic-tadalafil-vs-cialis.html . The multi-purpose, single-use facility will allow for early-phase clinical manufacture of a variety of biopharmaceuticals, including monoclonal antibodies and various other mammalian cell culture-based recombinant proteins. Disposable technology offers the advantages of increased flexibility and performance, decreased cross-contamination dangers, and elimination of washing, sterilization and additional change-over procedures connected with traditional steel tank facilities typically, while offering the same efficiency, said Andy Walker, Senior Director of Making. Continue reading

As people find it quite difficult to choose the right product which will suit their skin tone.

It might make you looked aged Sometimes, concealing your real age thus. Thus before you get a product, take enough time to read the ingredients found in manufacturing them. Also you have to check if the merchandise will be ideal for your skin type. Completely genuine skin products shall not affect your skin layer at all. It will offer you a glowing look Instead, a thing that you always wanted. There are many companies in Australia that expertise in selling such items, and that too at a lower price reasonably. Genuine product will give you instant result, without adversely impacting the sensitivity of your skin. It is always recommended to choose a product that is made up of few elements, as it shall offer you better results. Continue reading

Potentially providing a fresh way to help asthma sufferers.

Every full year, experts say, more than 300,000 Americans of all ages die from sudden cardiac death, most of them elderly. For the scholarly study, researchers carefully monitored the circumstances surrounding thousands of incidents of cardiac arrest reported to 911 emergency lines. The experts checked for survival, discharge from hospitals, and more than 200 exclusive observations about each cardiac arrest, its location, and the usage of AEDs and CPR. Emergency medical personnel in all 10 cities recorded the details, which were then sorted by study team members at the University of Washington in Seattle. Continue reading

Boost energy with these best 3 superfoods Even though many superfoods exist.

Boost energy with these best 3 superfoods Even though many superfoods exist, and each is beneficial for health plus a diet which includes fresh, entire foods, there are 3 that are perfect for their ability to increase energy. According to professionals, spirulina, maca, and turmeric will be the best three foods that will help supply the body a much-required energy increase furthermore to providing a bunch of other health benefits www.penegra100mg.com/alternatives.html . A better consider the top 3 energy-boosting superfoods Spirulina. Spirulina, a blue-green algae, is known as among nature’s perfect foods credited partly to research that presents that energy amounts have already been restored among people that have low energy or chronic exhaustion. Continue reading

Biocryst signs contract with three companions to represent its anti-viral peramivir outdoors U.

The Daily Health Plan Report is released for Kaisernetwork.org, a free of charge provider of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Panel Kaiser and Company Family members Foundation. All rights reserved.. Biocryst signs contract with three companions to represent its anti-viral peramivir outdoors U.S. BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that it provides signed binding letters of intent with three companions who will specifically represent BioCryst and its own anti-viral peramivir for influenza stockpiling possibilities, as well for distribution and advertising of peramivir for seasonal influenza upon regional regulatory approval, within their territories beyond your U.S. Continue reading

Fitness-oriented gym classes showed significant improvement in body composition.

Obesity and poor conditioning constitute a ongoing medical condition affecting an increasing number of children. Childhood weight problems and poor physical fitness are connected with insulin level of resistance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, bloodstream lipid abnormalities, and high blood pressure in later existence, according to background info in the article. The causes of childhood obesity add a pervasive ‘toxic’ environment that facilitates increased calorie consumption and reduced physical activity. To be able to alter the children’s environment, the authors suggest, a highly effective technique for treatment and prevention of childhood obesity must be pervasive and collaborative. The school setting is an attractive starting place for a collaborative work. Continue reading