Bird flu once again winging it about Vietnam.

Following a deaths of ten ducklings and 80 others getting ill on a farm in Thai Binh province by the end of Might 2007, testing conducted by the pet Health Section have confirmed the current presence of the H5N1 virus. This most recent outbreak means the virus has pass on to 14 provinces in addition to the Mekong delta town of Can Tho in a matter of weeks. On the weekend Vietnam reported its second human being case of the virus in under a full month, after a year. 5 without new human cases; both victims are reportedly becoming treated in medical center in Hanoi and so are in a well balanced condition.Nutritional supplements aren’t the same, either: you won’t get the same effect from acquiring lycopene and broccoli extracts. You have to eat the fresh foods, and you’ll get your best results by eating them raw. There’s more good news: these powerful healing foods work against far more than just prostate cancer: in addition they prevent and actually help reverse breast malignancy, colon cancer, leukemia and other cancers of your body. Actually, they’re two of the foods shown in the strongly suggested book Eat To Beat Cancer tumor by J. Robert Hatherill. If these simple meals combinations are so powerful against cancer, then why don’t doctors tell their sufferers about them? Sadly, few doctors have even a fundamental understanding of nutrition, and it’s uncommon to find a practicing doctor who continues up with the most recent news on nutrition study.