Americans ready to pay more.

Americans ready to pay more, but up to a limit, for safer food Federal government regulators could more realistically measure the value of improving food basic safety if they considered the fact that consumers typically want to avoid getting sick – even if this means they need to pay a little extra for safer meals, researchers say. In the global world of food regulation, cost-benefit analyses certainly are a primary tool for assessing the societal great things about mandating more stringent – and more costly – processing practices reviews html .

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Federal prosecutors in NY stated the Thousand Oaks firm was ‘pursuing profits at the risk of patient protection’ by encouraging doctors to use its popular anemia medication for unapproved uses to improve sales and to take market share from a rival drug maker . Medpage Today: Amgen Agrees To Pay out $762 Million In Aranesp Case The biotech drug giant Amgen pled guilty Tuesday to advertising its blockbuster anemia drug darbepoetin alfa for off-label dosing regimens, agreeing to pay out more than $760 million in fines. The medication, administered once weekly, in September 2001 to treat anemia due to chronic renal failure was approved.